Beautiful Lake Monona

Photography by Melissa Grace Photography

Growing up with Lake Monona in his backyard, Mike loved water, boats and sailing, so he and Charise created a nautical themed ceremony with the spectacular backdrop of Lake Monona as they exchanged their vows.

A few of my favorite details:

  • Using the bride’s carefully crafted decor to bring in the complimentary blue color.
  • Having friends and family watch the bridal party descend a white staircase to be led to the groom’s specially crafted altar, where they completed their ceremony by tying a symbolic rope knot.
  • Sending the bridal party off aboard a boat to the reception site.

What made this wedding special was just how well it represented both the bride and the groom, they created all the decor together to turn the family backyard into a beautiful setting for their wedding.

The families and I met several times in advance of the wedding. During our chats, I helped them iron out logistics and we outlined the tasks I would be responsible for prior to and the day of the wedding. We had an informal rehearsal the night before the wedding to decide how they wanted their procession to look.

Services included:

  • Working closely with the groom’s family to prepare their home and garden for the ceremony
  • Advising the floral selection and planting dozens flowers in the garden and containers
  • Setting up the yard decor for the ceremony
  • Greeting and guiding family and guests to the ceremony
  • Working with the DJ and Photographer during the ceremony
  • Coordinating the bridal procession
  • Site clean up after their ceremony


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