The Trifecta!


Photography by Nick Wilkes Photography

Amy and Julie had a lot to celebrate! They had gotten married, earned a MFA, and a PhD, which had kept them too busy to celebrate, but now it was time for the Trifecta Celebration! They chose a beautiful Madison Park and invited all their friends to gather and help them celebrate all their accomplishments.

A few of my favorite details were the elegant setting under the lovely oak trees, hearing all the  heartfelt toasts to and from their guests, most of whom had been lifelong friends, with wonderful stories to tell. A buffet of delicious local foods, a table for making art, with games and activities for all ages.

Services I provided were:

  • Consulting and planning location logistics
  • Setting up decor, beverages, and games
  • Setting up dining tables
  • Picking up food and delivering to the site
  • Arranging the appetizer, dinner and dessert buffets
  • Assistance with final clean up

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