Fabulous 50 Surprise!

I love to coordinate weddings, but life has so many other events to celebrate, I was thrilled to be able to help coordinate a special birthday party!

Josh had a plan, to let his partner know how amazing he was, and how many of their friends and family thought so too.

50 years young, a great birthday to celebrate, and even better as a BIG surprise!

Josh and I met several times to plot out the best way to host 100 or so of their favorite people.

We worked on a menu: pizza! salad! And of course cake!

Logistics: how to set up, coordinate all the helpers, and find a crew to help cater.

I suggested the youth group TEENworks from the training program at the Goodman Community Center, a program teaching teens life skill in the culinary trades. They were excited for the opportunity and sent a great crew plus an adult supervisor that I was able to organize and guide as they served as our caterers, setting up the buffet, stocking it as the night went on, serving cake and cleaning up.

There was a terrific DJ who also served as the MC, keeping track of time, playing great music and making announcements to the crowd.

The party was held at the Wil-Mar Center, a perfect venue with two entrances so we were able to keep the footprints off the snow by having guests arrive through one door and Jay through another. When he walked in it was truly a surprise!

Jay was lovingly honored with heartfelt tributes, friends and family had a delicious meal, created a scrapbook, and spent a February day in warmth and happiness!

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