Mandy and Jayme

I was hired eighteen months before their wedding day, but what would you expect from Mandy who is a professional wedding and event planner? Mandy is a pro, and Jayme is the most enthusiastic groom I have ever met!

Both the Bride and Groom wore white, with royal blue accents, in a ceremony warm and joyful as the surprise April snowstorm that howled outside. In addition to their wonderful wedding party, the highlight of the procession was watching their boys grinning as they walked down the aisle excited to be part of the celebration.

Cambridge Winery provided a fantastic all in one venue, with great wine, food and staff.

A few of the details I worked on were:

  • Attending the rehearsal dinner to get the Bridal party ready for the Procession
  • Setting up table and venue decor with great friends and family helpers
  • Coordinating with Vendors
  • Guiding Mandy’s assistants
  • Keeping the timeline for the day on schedule
  • Gathering gifts and cards safely to take home

I appreciated the trust Mandy and Jayme placed in me, it was great fun to see a wedding planner get to be on the other side of a wedding and watch her enjoying the day she dreamed of!


Special thanks to all the great vendors who helped make it happen!

DJ Chris Fox


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