Photo by: Erika Diaz




Ale and Jared have known each other since they were four years old, but didn’t know they were soul mates until they reacquainted in college. As Jared said during his vows, finding the perfect person is all about timing, and at four, it just wasn’t the right time.

The wedding took place at the Century Barn in Mt. Horeb. They held their ceremony in the field under a Chuppah, with beautiful green rolling hills as a backdrop. Their siblings were their officiants, each creating a unique, special loving role in the ceremony. It is clear that both Ale and Jared’s families are very close-knit, and watching them blend into one family just confirmed their love for each other and their families.

Ale’s mom has an eye for decorating and loves to create parties. She had a U-Haul full of beautiful and useful items, ensuring everyone’s comfort was well thought out and provided for. The barn, patio and tent were all lit with candles and twinkling lights, and a beautiful floral arrangement was hung from the old hay hook in the center of the barn.

The day had many special moments and details:

  • Having their siblings share the role of Officiant, each having a key role in the ceremony
  • Their cake topper-Yoda and C3PO from Star Wars
  • The guests who also performed as an amazing live dance band
  • The fun of the guests lifting the Bride and Groom into the air on chairs as the music played and the guests celebrated their union

Some of the coordinating I did for Ale and Jared:

  • Organizing the Bridal procession at the rehearsal
  • Decor set up for dessert, gift, photo and welcome tables
  • Keeping the timeline for the day
  • Working with vendors providing services at the venue
  • Securing cards and gifts





It was a pleasure to work with:

The staff at The Century Barn

Underground Catering

Erika Diaz Photography

Madison Party Rental

Double Platinum DJ

Catered Cocktails

Encore Limousine

Badger Bus

Event Essentials



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