David M Zingsheim Photography


Kyara and Mike are Madison natives living in Texas, but with family and friends in town they wanted to have their wedding in Madison. They met the challenges of long distance planning with lots of Kyara’s organization, help from family and friends, and courage! We met once in person, and then communicated via email and phone. Kyara’s mother is a decor creator extraordinaire; she and her best friend spent hours crafting unique centerpieces and other decor in rose gold, cream and pinks. They turned Noah’s Event Center into a warm, glowing dreamy place.

The ceremony was held outside on the patio under an arch custom decorated with flowers, heartfelt personal vows. Ending with the Jewish tradition of the groom breaking a glass, that some say represents how life is so fragile that the couple should enjoy every day as if it were their last together.

Kyara and Mike blended many traditions with original ideas, not wanting to be the center of attention. Instead of the usual first dance being the bride and groom, they opted to have Mike and his mother, and Kyara and her father have the first dance, which started the post ceremony celebrations and got everyone out dancing before dinner!

A few of my favorite details were:

  • All the unique  lovingly created centerpieces and special touches throughout the venue
  • The brides dressing room, where all the women got ready was full of fun and so many shoes!
  • The patience of all the family and guests as the ceremony ran just a bit late, but were so excited for Mike and Kyara

Some of the tasks I did for Kyara and Mike were:

  • Assisting with setting a timeline for the day
  • Communicating via email and phone to tend to details in Madison
  • Contacting and coordinating vendors
  • Setting up decor
  • Setting up cake and popcorn tables
  • Attending the rehearsal and coordinating the ceremony

Thanks to all the vendors who helped make the day run smoothly and fun!

Noahs Event Center

Makeup By Alexa Rogers

Carl’s Cakes

Upstairs Downstairs Catering

David M Zingsheim Photography

DJ Kuhl Entertainment

Popcorn Treats by: Carls Gourmet Popcorn

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