photo by: Audre Rae Photography


photo by: Audre Rae Photography



Leah and Simon held their wedding at The Century Barn in Mount Horeb. The ceremony was out in the field, a live band was in the barn for the cocktail hour and reception, and dinner was under a big white tent full of family, friends and flowers.

We first met in January, Simon and Leah had the big items nailed down, so we began working on logistics and the smaller details. We worked together over the following months via email, Google Docs, and a couple of in-person meetings to finalize their plans. Leah has a creative streak a mile wide, and had so many great decor ideas!

The day was Wisconsin perfect, warm and sunny, blue skies and green rolling hills as the ceremony backdrop. There were many special moments, a few of my favorites were:

  • The picture frames with song lyrics as table decor
  • Simon and Leah’s vows, so meaningful and uniquely spoken
  • The terrific three piece band playing during the cocktail hour
  • Leah and Simon just having to have an early dance to that great band
  • Simon grinning and being SO happy to say my wife!
  • Farm fresh flowers everywhere
  • The delicious homemade desserts brought by friends and family

Leah, Simon and I created the “Martha To-Do” list for the day of the wedding, some of the tasks on the list were:

  • Attend the rehearsal and help the Bridal party prepare for the ceremony
  • Coordinate with their vendors and musicians
  • Set up the dinner table decor in the tent
  • Assist with arranging flowers into vases
  • Keep the timeline for the day
  • Pin on boutonnieres, and bustle the wedding dress
  • Receive, plate and set up desserts
  • Secure the cards and gifts

The day was a celebration created by Leah and Simon, their families and many friends, it was full of fun, love, joy and memorable in every way!


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