Photos by: Carly Nicole Photography

Love in the time of Covid-19 calls for some big adjustments to wedding plans. Instead of a large invite everyone event at the Madison Curling Club, Lindsay and Mikey realized that what they really wanted to do was get married in a small intimate gathering with some very special people present and then, have a fantastic 1 year anniversary party!

We first met in late March of 2019 to begin working on their wedding day plans. Being members of the Curling Club, they had a good knowledge of the venue, since it is a private club it allowed them unlimited options for how their wedding ceremony and reception would look. Flash forward to March of 2020 when the world stood still in the middle of a pandemic, and we started to realize that plan B was going to be needed.

Plan B was perfect. It was held in Mike’s mothers backyard, where he and a few of his groomsmen had played and plotted as children. The yard is surrounded by lush green “walls” of garden that provided a beautiful serene setting for their ceremony and reception.

Lindsay had a stunning vision for her decor, using the color palate of lavender, purples, cream and pale pinks. We set up and decorated the tables for the guests to be seated at for the ceremony and dinner, allowing them to keep a safe social distance, which created a perfect aisle for the Bridal Party to walk down. The arbor her father made was decorated with draped fabric and flowers, providing a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony. The deck was a perfect spot for a reception cocktail hour, with a self serve bar, where Old Fashions were muddled and customized.

There were many special moments during the day, a few of my favorites are:

  • The comfort of Nancy’s home for the wedding party to get ready, everyone was able to be so relaxed
  • The beautiful flower arrangements that were set off so well by the lush green backyard
  • The excitement of family for this wedding, who all were really able to enjoy the intimacy of the day
  • The young ring bearer who despite being so shy, did a great job!
  • Lindsay and Mikey’s heartfelt vows, that lead to a few tears
  • The joy everyone felt at being able to be together to celebrate after months of quarantine
  • The romantic sweetheart table set up for Lindsay+Mikey
  • A perfect summer day for a wedding after months of life so far from normal

A few of the coordinating tasks I did for Lindsay and Mikey were:

  • Coordinating the ceremony rehearsal the evening before the wedding
  • Setting up decor for the tables, deck, arch and garden
  • Setting up gift, card, photo and memory ladder decor
  • Setting up appetizer and dessert tables
  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Coordinating with family and friends who took care of all the food
  • Keeping the timeline for the day
  • Pinning boutonnieres
  • Sending the Bridal Party down the aisle
  • Releasing tables for the buffet dinner

The day was so full of joy, everyone was so happy to be helping Lindsay and Mikey celebrate their dream of getting married, and to have a small feeling of life as we used to know it, made the day extra special. It was the wedding Mikey always wanted, a gathering of friends and family celebrating with them, everyone knew it was a true representation of Lindsay and Mikey’s love and dedication to each other.

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