How much fun can you get? A wedding on Halloween! Add in a full moon, beautiful fall weather, a stunning rural setting, and that is what Jess and Trevor dreamt up for their wedding day. Held at The Fields Reserve in Stoughton, they incorporated colorful fall decor as well as a skull or two for a one of a kind wedding full of fun, love and celebrating!

Jess and I met in the December 2019, and communicated via email over the next few months, and as everything in 2020 became as far from normal as one could imagine with the Covid pandemic, Jess adapted and revised their wedding day plans until she had distilled it into a day she loved, and a day that kept everyone safe.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I was thrilled to be a part of this wedding! There were so many wonderful moments, a few of my favorites were:

  • The mix of great Halloween decor, skulls, pumpkins and black accent items blended with beautiful fall colors of orange, yellow and reds
  • The live music from Camerata Strings
  • The DJ booth with full size masked skeletons
  • The AMAZING cake
  • The Fields Reserve as a venue, vintage barn ambiance, with all the modern conveniences
  • Their lovingly created ceremony, complete with servings of Mead and Celtic traditions

Some of the coordinating I did for Jess and Trever was:

  • Attending and coordinating the rehearsal
  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Keeping the timeline for the day
  • Setting up decor for the ceremony
  • Setting up decor for the reception
  • Assisting Camerata Strings during the ceremony with music changes
  • Organizing the Bridal Party with the music as they went down the aisle

Keeping their guests safe and healthy was the primary concern for Jess and Trevor, while still having all the fun and joy of a wedding, and that was just what happened on that perfect All Hallows Eve!

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