Hello! My name is Martha Coughlin, and I created Bliss Coordinating to fill a need that I saw after our daughter got married. She and her husband created their dream wedding day, and as they got closer to the actual day they realized that they needed someone to take care of all the details so they could relax and enjoy it all.

Bliss Coordinating specializes in working with DIY couples to make their day the way they envision it. I know that couples spend hours making decisions, planning, dreaming, and thinking of all the details, but on your wedding day you want to be able to enjoy every moment, not worry about coordinating the details.

I will work with you from day one, or the week before the big day, to learn how you want your day to unfold.

I have coordinated weddings in parks, barns, backyards and other nontraditional venues, all of which are beautiful, but also present their own logistical challenges. I love doing what it takes to ensure weddings run smoothly, without any surprises, especially when I have to think outside the box to solve for the unexpected.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Blisscoordinating@gmail.com | 608.332.9821

Martha - Bliss Coordinating
Martha Coughlin, owner of Bliss Coordinating Photography http://www.bethskogen.com